Jun 15, 2013

Back to the Terminator

Marty McFly, (not the main hero  this time)

I have made progress! I’ve completed two outlines for this story. This summer, I will spend some time fleshing out more details on those outlines, when I’m not writing on other things. In September I’ll finalize an outline. Why two outlines? Well, the video that inspired this project is copyrighted and I have not heard back from HISHE on whether or not I can use their quotes. I’m really hoping they don’t mind. At worst, they’ll get free advertising because I can link their website from my story. This will be offered free as well, so I won’t be making any money off this project at all.

The second outline is in case they never respond to me, or tell me I can’t use their property. The stories are similar but the quotes and scenes that are in the video by HISHE are altered or removed. This whole project is purely for fun. It’s just something to improve my writing and storytelling. So it won’t matter if HISHE approves, fan-fic is not illegal and I will write a "Terminator" and "Back to the Future" mash-up. Don’t you worry.

Now I want to introduce the cast so far. Both scripts are basically the same storyline, and so the characters are currently the same.

Peabody Family (Their barn gets trashed)
Sam Baines (Lorraine’s Dad)

I sorted the names by most involvement in the series. You’ll notice a lot of characters missing, but that’s because I am only planning a 200 page book at this point. I had to speed up some of the story and I figured cutting out the dinner table scenes that introduced the entire family that frequented “Back to the Future” was easy enough. I also sped through the scenes with Marty’s parents getting together. We’ve all seen “Back to the Future” and I don’t want to rewrite the same movie, so I altered that whole situation. Marty’s future is still in jeopardy, but the reason is done differently. I don’t want to give away too much at this time.

Yes Doc is the most used character, because he’s the one the T-1000 is after. I noticed a common response to the film by HISHE on YouTube was that the T-850 was sent by SkyNet to protect the Doc from John Conner’s T-1000. This didn’t make sense to me. How was it traveling with Marty McFly then? Why would it even find Marty or care to help him at all. I found a way to make the T-850 an actual ally to both Marty and Doc.

Terminators have a unique ability in their program that is usually kept in check through programming by SkyNet. When a Terminator is sent out on a mission, like the one in the first movie, its AI is limited to its commands. The computer inside the Terminator is so complex and adaptable that it is capable of becoming human in every appearance if left uncontrolled. No emotion, but a self-thinking computer that is supposed to try and understand the human condition. That is the reason for SkyNet’s strict directives in the first movie.

T-850 Model 101
Future John Conner begins converting them to his cause by deactivating those directives from SkyNet and basically rebooting the computer. That’s how he was able to send a couple back in time to protect his younger self. This is why SkyNet is desperate to kill John Conner in the past, he figured out how to turn the machines on themselves. Now it’s too late to kill him in the future.

It doesn’t really require much reprogramming because the system itself is very curious and its main function is to adapt and blend in with humans. This allows it to also become sentimental to the humans war against the machines and join with them. Adapting was its main function, and it does it so well that SkyNet does not allow them to run freely. If caught by the Resistance it only needs to be unplugged, rebooted, and told its part of the resistance and it will go along. This was revealed in Terminator 3.

Hopefully HISHE is on board and I hear from them sometime this summer. There is a lot of great material in the video. I linked it this time instead of posting it. Go check it out if you haven’t seen it. It’s hilarious.

Next week, I’m back to blogging weapons and warrior cultures. I’ll start with the Sikhs of India and then I’ll be working on the European Knights. Eventually I’ll get back to the North American Natives, which will be a lot of fun.

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