Fantasy Weapons Lore

This is the page where I'll catalog all the fantasy weapons I write about for easy reference. If there are any weapons you'd like to see from your favorite stories just let me know and I'll look them up. If this series is anywhere near as popular as the Weapons Weekly series, then I'll pick it up and keep going.

The latest installment is a special post about the history of the most famous fictional weapon designed by J.R.R. Tolkien. Bilbo and Frodo's Sting.

Harry Potter Series
Weapons based from the magic series by JK Rowling

The Elder Wand (6/30/2012)

Legend of King Arthur Pendragon
Weapons based from the legends of King Arthur

Excalibur (7/6/2012)

Lord of the Rings
Weapons from Tolkien's Legendarium of Middle-Earth

Grond (11/18/2012)
Sting (12/29/2012)

Norse Mythology
Weapons of the Norse Deities

Mjölnir (7/13/2012)

The Wheel of Time Series
Weapons from the mind of Robert Jordan

Callandor (7/30/2012) 

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