Jan 1, 2013

New Year, But Same Old Resolutions

Courtesy of WANA Commons (via Cole Vassiliou)
Welcome to 2013! We have survived the zombie and alien apocalypse for yet another year and the Mayans calendar ending really turned out to be nothing other than them running out of paper. The year of the dragon is almost over. Everyone is thinking up their New Year Resolutions except me. I’m pretty much sticking the goals I had last year. Finish a book or two, publish them, exercise more, eat less, and get back on track with the Weapons Weekly (which I’m renaming Weapons and Warriors). Since nobody ever succeeds with resolutions, including me, I’m just going to call them goals and keep trucking along.

I’ll be doing the Weapons and Warriors a little differently this year. There won’t be as much focus on specific cultures. I’ll just write about the weapons or warriors that are most intriguing to me. My next post will be about the Scottish Claymore. I might even touch on some of the story about William Wallace, who is probably the most famous man to ever wield the giant sword.

Another thing I want to do that I haven’t done in quite some time is start playing non-video game Role Playing Game’s again. This last year I returned to World of Warcraft and played it into the ground preparing for the new expansion. I played it every moment of spare time I had and even after the expansion released, I continued playing it like a mad man. I think it’s time to take a step back from Azeroth once again. I’m still going to play because my addiction to Blizzard games demands it, but I need to cut back on the video games.

Courtesy of WANA Commons (via Dave R Farmer)
What I want to do instead is world build for my other series. In the past I’ve found one of the best ways to do that is play Role Playing Games like Dungeons & Dragons, Tunnels & Trolls, Champions, Star Frontiers, Top Secret, etc. Several of my friends have been showing interest in picking up on an old campaign and I think it might be a great idea. Several of my book ideas that are tucked away in my spreadsheets of notes came from that very same campaign, along with some of the characters. I’m thinking it will also be an excellent way to keep me inspired and motivated to focus on my writing instead of playing video games.

I hope everyone has a great year, and for those of you who don’t there’s always next year! Keep your head up and just keep fighting. That’s what I’m going to do. Take care!


  1. Me too - new year...pretty much same resolutions! (Except Im ditching the "Lose weight and get an Olympian-turned-supermodel body" in favor of "Dance a lot and have fun doing it.") Youre a lot braver and stronger than I am - I wouldnt dare go anywhere near Warcraft again because I have ZIP self control when it comes to Blizzard games. I havent even allowed myself to START playing the latest Diablo game because I knew i wouldnt write a damn thing until I'd finished it. (its calling out to me from the box still) Glad to hear you will keep up with the warrior weapon posts. They provide excellent research material.
    Hoping for a 2013 filled with lots of great writing and reading!

    1. Haha, yeah, I have Diablo 3 as well and I'm still ignoring it. I got into Diablo 2 once and suddenly nothing outside of it existed. Instead, I vowed not to play D3 unless my wife is available. She isn't the gamer she used to be pre-kids so I'm pretty safe with that. Thanks for reminding me to finish typing up my next Weapon, and finish researching and updating the shark tooth club post. I've been in my writer cave working on edits and lost track of time.