May 28, 2011

The Power of Dreams

I’ve been going through a lot of personal issues as of late. It’s affecting my writing, but not in a bad way, it's actually improved it greatly. It has affected my life in general, emotionally, and it’s causing me to look at a lot of things in ways I never understood or cared to learn. I’ve been resisting this change, always enjoying my introverted hermitism (@DrUncleKevin introduced me to that term). I’m not so hidden away on the internet, but I’m not an open book to strangers in person, till I get to know someone. I’ve always written better than I speak. I’m sure many writers can understand that. That probably won’t change much, but the emotional roller coaster I’ve been going through has been quickly changing my attitude about a lot of things, including my constant internet rants. So anyway, I’m going to revamp the feel of this blog over the next few weeks to resemble more of the changing me. The me that has awakened the creative heart again and will no longer doubt my future. I know what I want from life, and it’s not a whole lot. The only dream I have left in life is to share my stories with anyone who is willing to read them. I’ve already achieved the rest of my dreams. I’ve been very lucky in life that way and I do not take it for granted, because I had to fight for every one of those dreams. I don't come from a well to do family.

For those of you reading my posts, I greatly appreciate you. It’s much more fun to speak to an audience than to talk to yourself. I’ve been called Mr. Talks Too Much in the past, but that is going to have to change now. My endless rambling and ranting is at an end. It seems the more I ramble, the less people listen. So, I’m going to use the less is more policy on my blog from here on out as well.

I hope you enjoy the new me, and I’ll see you on the Social Networks.

P.S.- I doubt I’ll be Tweeting any less, because I’m totally addicted to Twitter and I really enjoy the online friendships with people there.

Hey Kendall Grey this blog is only 377 words, including this line. ;)


  1. KICK ASS, dude! Not sure how I missed your blog before, but I just saw your tweet (thanks, btw!) and added you to my RSS feed. YAY! Now I can follow your posts that I didn't know existed for some strange reason. :-)

    I hope whatever's going on with you is nothing serious. I'm thinking about you, mate! :-)

  2. It is pretty serious, but sometimes as human beings we just have to cope with them. The outcome is inevitable, it's just getting to that point that is rough. I'll be fine though. Thanks. :)