May 27, 2011

Writer Ramblings: I'm Awake and I'm Alive!

I'm sure anyone who has talked to me on Twitter, or been reading this blog, knows that I've been leaning towards becoming an Indie Author. I'm pretty sure I've been leaning that way for a few weeks, but I kept it in my head that I might still send out a few queries to test the water and see what an agent could do for me. While that's been rolling around in my head, so has been learning the process of self-publishing. I’ve also been studying the success stories of some self-published authors. Listened and learned. I’ve decided now for sure, I am not going to query any agents. I don’t really see the usefulness of one for me. I’m not saying they're useless, so don’t freak out. Maybe someday if I really start selling some books, I’ll look into getting an agent and see if they can’t make me global or help me connect with the movie industry (Dreaming now).

The point is, I’m not going with any publishing company. I’ve been reading for years, and I’ve read good and bad books. Until a month ago, I’ve never even seen a Self-Published book. I’ve read five since, working on a sixth called “A Fistful of Fire” by Misti Wolanski. So far I’ve been impressed by the quality of work. So much so, that I would go as far to say as that I’ve really enjoyed 5 out of 5 Indie Author books that I've completed (soon to be six I'm sure) and out of the last 20 traditionally published books, I’ve only enjoyed 5 (Angels and Demons, Under the Dome and War of the Ancients Trilogy). I was reaching the point that going to a bookstore at all was an hour trip and three out of four trips I would just leave, frustrated and uninterested. In fact the last book I bought, I was really excited about it, and then I read it. That last book pretty much made me look for other options (yes that bad). I started writing again after quitting over ten years ago. I couldn’t resist the urge anymore. Dozens of stories rolling around my mind, and it was driving me crazy. Only two things ever quieted them. Reading or writing. Reading now becoming less of an option. Then they announced Snooki’s book. Really? I really tried to ignore those ridiculous books, but after reading several cookie cutter duds in a row by best selling authors, I was getting real tired of books.

Now here I am, writing a novel and taking it far more serious than I ever have in my life. I don’t just want to do it to share the adventures that I go on every day in my head, but I want to do it for life, and for a living. I’m going to do it Indie style. I’ve got nothing against the Big Publishing companies, but I'm pretty confident I can do fine without them. I will let the readers decide if I’m worthy and I will never give up trying to please the readers, who are now my agents and my critics. I know what it’s like to be a disappointed reader. I know, it's not all cupcakes and flowers to self-publish, but I'm resilient and I'm driven, and I'm the son of a Marine Drill Sergeant. Bring it.

 This song is pretty much how I feel right now.

I'm awake I'm alive
Now I know what I believe inside
Now it’s my time
I'll do what I want cause this is my life
here, right now
I'll stand my ground and never back down
I know what I believe inside
I'm awake and I'm alive
-Lyrics from Awake and Alive by Skillet

If you have an agent or you want to be published traditionally, share with me why you prefer it. I'm always open for civil discussion. Even if I'm stubborn and a “little” over bearing, I still really believe Self-Publication is not for everyone, but it’s perfect for me.


  1. "I still really believe Self-Publication is not for everyone, but it’s perfect for me."

    Good line! I actually enjoy the cover details and layout work and all involved in self publication, and I think it's a smart choice — but it's not the only smart choice. It all comes down to your goals and what you're willing to do.

    Thanks for the mention, and I hope my novel ends up making it 6 out of 6 self-published novels you've read & enjoyed. ^_^

  2. Thanks! So far so good. I've always been somewhat of an entrepreneur so once I learned more about self publishing I realized it was a challenge I was born for.

  3. Congrats on making a decision! I can't wait to see how this goes for you! I agree that it seems Traditional Publishing has fallen into the rut of "representing what they think sells". Not publishing good stuff. I waffle back and forth on my decision, but like you originally, I do plan to query first and if all else fails, Indie Publish. For me, it's a social thing. I'd like others to connect with in this realm. ;)

    Side note: LOVE the song! It's on my playlist for my main character, Traeton. ;)

  4. Thanks, at the moment, Skillet is taking over my books playlist little by little.

    Good luck on your journey as well.

  5. "I really tried to ignore those ridiculous books, but after reading several cookie cutter duds in a row by best selling authors, I was getting real tired of books."

    They say that if you can't find the types of stories you like to read, you have to write them. :) Good luck! (I like that song too--will have to find it on iTunes.)

  6. That's so true Lindsay. There are a lot of writer's I love to read everything they ever wrote, but many of those have either passed away or no longer write. Robert Jordan being one of those.