Weapons & Warriors

I have opened this page to comments so if you have any requests on warrior cultures or weapons in general you'd like to see in the future, let me know, or say whatever is on your mind. I would even love to see what you think about the series, who doesn't love flattery? As a professional I accept constructive criticism as well. If I have posted something inaccurately, please feel free to correct me and give me a reference so that I can research and update.

The most recent post is about the Roman gladiator known as the Scissor, with a weapon that went by the same name.

All artwork for the Weapons & Warrior Posts is hand drawn by Steven DeVon Jones or myself, TL Jeffcoat.

One of the Greatest and oldest Empires on Earth.
The Khopesh  (10/25/2013)

The Knights and Warriors of the European Continent.
The Corseque  (7/12/2013)
The Cutlass  (7/7/2014)
The Halberd  (7/19/2013)
The Horseman's Pick  (3/31/2014)
The Lantern Shield  (8/20/2013)
The Morning Star  (7/5/2013)

The warriors of the deep Pacific Ocean Islands of Hawaii.
The Leiomano   (1/9/2013)

The religious warriors of Bohemia that repelled four Crusades.
The Flail  (1/22/2013)
The Hand-Cannon (2/8/2013)

Jaguar & Eagle Knights
The feared Eagle and Jaguar warriors of the Aztec Empire.
The Atlatl (1/23/2012)
The Macuahuitl (1/16/2012)
The Tecpatl (1/9/2012)
The Tepoztopilli  (4/17/2013)
To Subdue or Not To Subdue (2/6/2012)

Common People from a Land of Warriors
The Tonfa (3/10/2014)
The Fearless Warriors of Indonesia
The Keris (1/7/2014)
The Warriors of the Korean Peninsula
The Hwacha (8/4/2013)

Greek warriors who served under King Perseus
The Kestros (5/4/2013)

The Tattooed Warriors of New Zealand
The Mere and Wahaika (5/15/2012)
The Stingray Tete (6/1/2012)
The Taiaha (5/9/2012) 
The Tewhatewha (6/19/2012)
Behind the Masks (6/22/2012) 

The Empire that ended Muhgal rule in India
The Bagh Nakha (1/31/2014)

Native Americans
The Proud Tribal Warriors of old North America
The Gunstock War Club (12/2/2013)
The Tomahawk (3/9/2013)

The secretive assassins of Japan.
The Black Egg (11/14/2011)
The Kusarigama (10/31/2011)
The Ninjato (11/22/2011)
The Sai (10/24/2011)
The Shikomi (11/27/2011)
The Shuriken (11/7/2011)
Truth of the Shinobi (12/6/2011) 

The Warriors of the Icy North.
The Daneaxe (3/6/2012)
The Longsword and Seaxe (2/27/2012)
The Spears (2/20/2012) 
Legend of the Norsemen (2/13/2012)

Ottoman Cavalry
The Horsemen of the Turkish Lands
The Kilij (3/21/2012)

The fearless warrior kings of India.
The Bhuj (10/10/2011)
The Chakram (10/3/2011)
The Khanda (9/12/2011)
The Katara (9/19/2011)
The Urumi (9/26/2011)
Sons of Kings (10/17/2011)

Soldiers and Gladiators of one of histories most powerful Empires.
The Cestus (9/27/2013)
The Plumbata (8/5/2014)
The Scissor (9/16/2014)

Modern elite soldiers who train to ignore all pain.
The Ballistic Knife (2/16/2013)
The Spetsnaz, Russia’s Elite (2/23/2013)

The honorable warriors of Japan.
The Daishō (12/12/2011) 
The Kanabō (12/18/2011) 
The Naginata (3/14/2012) 
The Tessen (12/29/2011)
Bushidō of the Samurai (1/2/2012) 

The kilt wearing warriors of the Scottish Highlands.
The Claymore  (1/15/2013)

The pacifist monks of Central China.
The Dadao  (7/25/2012)
The Fu Tao (7/4/2012)  
The Guan Dao (4/28/2014)
The Jiujie Bian (7/18/2012) 
The Liuxing Chui (7/11/2012)
The Yueya Chan (6/27/2012)

The Warrior Saints of India.
The Talwar  (6/28/2013)
The Warrior Saints  (6/19/2013)

The men of Sparta bred for war.
The Aspis (8/15/2011)
The Dory (8/22/2011)
The Kopis (8/29/2011)

Zande Warriors
The conquering Azande of Congo and Sudan.
The Strychnine Arrow (4/4/2012)
The Kpinga (3/28/2012)
The Makraka (4/18/2012) 
The Makrigga (4/11/2012)
The Living Nightmares of the Congo (4/25/2012)


  1. "if you could, i would like to see an article about the turko-mongolian saber,the kilij, and or the naginata."

    Filing this here so I don't forget to look into these intriguing items.

  2. Awesome page and my compliments. I am writing about battles between historical (and fictional warriors) warriors, like deadliest warrior. Currently working on the Otomi versus Gaesatae and I have gotten lots of info from your site.

  3. Shaolin temple is from central China

  4. Im just finding your blog in 2016 are you still running?

  5. Hello Javier. I apologize for the super late response. I am planning to pick up blogging but I'll be doing something different this time. Something more geared towards the genre I'm still writing in, which is fantasy.