Aug 11, 2014

TMNT and the Sai Drawing

I finally remade the drawing for the Sai, complete with Raphael of the Ninja Turtles. It's not as pretty as the one I posted originally with the blog, but it's one of my better drawings. Here's the drawing, and if you want to read up on the Sai, check out the original post on the Sai. I saved this one for the new release of the Ninja Turtles movie.

Art by TL Jeffcoat
There seems to be a lot of hostility towards Michael Bay and his version. After seeing the movie, all I can say is, he did not go with the Turtle Alien route, which was a huge relief to me, and although the movie didn't hold to a lot of the TMNT lore, it wasn't a horrible movie at all. It was a typical Bay movie with all of the high octane chaotic action sequences, blatant use of stereotyped characters, and the cardboard eye candy female character who has to be rescued by men throughout the movie. However, the silliness actually works well with the Ninja Turtle personalities, much better than it did with the Transformers, who generally have no personality.

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