Apr 21, 2014

Devil Dogs, Hwachas, and Other Stuff

Great News for anyone who is waiting for my novel, I’ve jumped back into the final rewrite. I spent some time researching combat tactics and military lingo. Studying marine issue sniper systems and tactics was a ton of fun, but now it’s time to finish this book and get it published.

While I’m writing this book the right way this time, I’m still squeezing in some art time. The Hwacha is one of the most complex pictures I’ve done yet. I have attempted to give it a more three dimensional look than most of my other drawings, including the original drawing of the Hwacha I had done. It’s nearly complete. The only thing I have left is a little clean up around the lines after coloring it. I hope to have it up sometime later this week. I’ll post a quick update when I do.

On news for the other projects I’m doing, the whole D&D campaign and world building has completely merged into the design for a new role playing game based on the fantasy world I had designed. I have not decided what I’ll do with the game yet, but I’m really excited about the concepts that came to me the last couple of weeks. Even if I never release the game to the public, it’ll be a great structure for the continuous building of my fantasy world. I’ll focus on writing the Devil Dog series and getting those published, but there are only 5-7 books planned out for that series. In my spare time, I’ll be writing the fantasy novels as well, which has been mapped out to around 16 books, and more ideas continue to flow in as I continue to world build. 

That’s all I have this week, until the Hwacha is done. See you once that’s complete.

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