Mar 1, 2014

Update! The Aspis, the Tomahawk and Writing

Click here to check out the post for the Aspis

I have completed the art for the Aspis, it looks pretty simple, but even with an art program drawing circles are a pain. I spent more time the last couple weeks on world building than I did with anything else so I haven’t finished the Tomahawk art, or the Weapons & Warrior post that was supposed to go up this week on the Tonfa. I’ll be focusing on that this week and have it ready by Friday. I’m also going to try getting that Tomahawk drawn up and ready before then too.

Now for an update on those impossible goals I made:

Task 1: I have 108,000 words in the World building book, which is still short of the 120,000 word goal, but that’s huge progress compared to all the words I wrote last year not including the blog. I may have written 50,000 words in all of 2013. I spent the year reading and editing.

Task 2: I did not get any chapters of Devil Dog written, but I edited the first chapter a little. I’ll need to get that back on track after this coming week. I want to send it back to the editor by June. Clock is ticking!

Task 3: The D&D campaigns are waiting on my world building to reach a certain point so that I can use my own settings. I’ve also been toying with the idea of creating my own Role Playing Game game like Pathfinder did when D&D veered off into the 4th edition abyss.

Task 4: I almost succeeded with 5 drawings a month. I got in about 3, 4 if you count the Aspis.

So that’s where I’m at, and see you next week. June is coming fast so I am going to dive right back into these tasks. Have a great week!

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