Feb 8, 2014

Kitana and the Tessen!

It’s Just a quick update today. I attempted to do some shading on the Kitana picture, but it wasn’t turning out well. I also tried to change the boots to sandals with straps up to the knees like something Romans would wear, but apparently I’ve never tried to draw toes and they weren’t working out very well at all, even worse than my rubber looking fingers. That's when I dumped that picture and went back to this version. It's no where near as awesome as the one that Midway did, but it's the best I can do for now.

Kitana Preview by TL Jeffcoat
So after doctoring up the lines and colors some, it is as good as my skills can do for now. Maybe later I’ll come back and put in some shadows, but for now, she is ready. Click on the link below to see the entire picture, and if you’re into weapons, to check out the Tessen, which is what Kitana is most known for besides her curves and being a princess.

That's one out of five pictures done for the month, now back to writing, and then finishing the two I'm doing for the Rajput's katara. Here's a sneak peak to the first one I'm on. Already made good progress. The Katara post is one of my most popular Weapons & Warrior's posts, which is why I chose two drawings showing three different variations of it. See you next week with those. I honestly didn't notice the similarity in names (Kitana and Katara) when I decided to do these drawings in this order, lol. My list showed Tessen and then Katara.

Katara preview by TL Jeffcoat

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