Mar 17, 2013

Meet Mr. Jones

A self Portrait of Steven DeVon Jones
I've talked about the guy who is making the covers for my novels and I am now going to showcase some of his concept sketches on the blog. I created a new page where I'll place various drawings that he's done and sent to me. He mentioned once that he'd love to be a comic book artist, and I really enjoy looking at his work. If he ever gets a gig drawing for comics, I'll be first in line to buy. It's been a while since I read one, but I was pretty picky about the art back when I did. Check out the new page on the toolbar above and leave a comment if you like. Also, you can check out the Weapons & Warriors page where Steven sketched some of the warriors that are listed there.

I'm also working on doing a little artwork on my own, I'll be attempting to draw up the weapons for the Weapons & Warriors. I'm no where near as skilled as Steven. He's obviously more talented in the drawing area, and he's got college training as well. Me? Well, I'm a writer. I can see the picture in my head and describe every detail, but I'll do my best to draw up these weapons.

Lately, I've been working hard to complete my work on Welcome To My Imagination (a book of horror short stories that I'm writing alongside of John P. Alba). We're really hoping to publish that soon. If you weren't aware, Steven also did the cover for that book which I posted quite a while back. Time has flown too fast, and I apologize for keeping everyone waiting. I want our best work to be published so I've been studying and mastering the art of writing and watching the trends in publishing to bring the best that we can offer..

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