Jul 21, 2012

Writers Ramblings: Reconstruction

Took this pic while sailing past Canada with my Sanyo. Your welcome.
You have probably noticed something missing from my blog today. Last night I went through the entire thing and pulled down all the pictures I had linked. I redid the “About TL Jeffcoat” page and put up new pictures that I have either made or paid for.

I happened to run across a blog post by Roni Loren yesterday that scared me. Not just a little bit either. I’m not a wealthy man, and I always thought I was safe, but after what happened to Roni, I realize some people aren’t satisfied with an apology. Although it seemed a little heartless over something that Roni had no idea she was doing illegally, the person who sued her was completely within their rights.

Many artists and photographers have expressed through Roni Loren’s blog comments that they are often more than willing to share if they are simply asked. All of that makes perfect sense. You don’t just take someone’s car to the store without asking first. I disagree with the hostility she met after she promptly complied with their demand to remove the picture, but I’m not going to rage about it. Getting mad and ranting about it wouldn’t make anything better for anyone and that’s not what my blog is about.

I don’t know if I was violating any copyrights, but after reading through Roni Loren’s ordeal, I have decided to remove everything that I haven’t made myself or paid for. The Weapons Weekly won’t remain void of pictures forever. A friend and artist, Steven DeVon Jones has volunteered to sketch drawings for the posts and pages.

It will take some time for pictures to start popping up on the posts again. I will not stop publishing Weapons Weekly or the Fantasy Weapons in the meantime. Steven has other paying obligations, but he’ll sketch as he has time. I will just have to write my descriptions better now since I can no longer be lazy and say, “And here’s a picture of it.”

See you next week with the next installment of Weapons Weekly. If you haven’t read Roni’s post about her incident, please check it out. It’s very detailed and educational and something every blog or other social media sharing pictures should be aware of. Trust what she says, not even your disclaimer can protect you. You can be sued.


  1. I did the same thing today. Scary stuff, but unfortunately, that's reality.

    For what it's worth, my work blocks almost all websites and pictures. They don't however, blog my Google Reader, so I always seem to read your blog on my breaks at work. Because of their filter, I never get the pictures with your posts, but I fully enjoy them nonetheless.

  2. That's good to know. Being the optimist I am, I look at it as one less thing to do. Saving that time hunting for pics, I can squeeze in more editing and writing.

  3. It seems like book covers and movie posters are ok, so I'll probably link some of those to any posts they would apply to.