May 3, 2012

Weapons & Warriors: Update on Future Plans

For those of you looking for this week’s “Weapons Weekly” post, I just want to say thanks for the support and blog traffic. Weapons Weekly has really taken off since January and I am a little stunned and overwhelmed by the number of views the Weapons Weekly page itself has received. This week, however I am still researching 3 warrior cultures that I plan to post about over the next couple months. I don’t want to publish anything that is not fully explored or edited. I have had to correct a couple of my former posts because I found out after publishing that my research was not thorough enough. One I caught myself; another was pointed out to me. I find that embarrassing. I never claim to be an expert on anything, but I do have some pride. Research is vital.

Almost every Weapons Weekly Post was typed up quite a while ago and was edited just before getting published on the blog. I had forgotten that I had scrapped two posts because of incomplete research and the inability to locate any photos or drawings of the weapons themselves. I will keep those posts on the back burner for a while in case I run across the missing information. In the meantime, I ran out of posts a couple weeks earlier than anticipated.

My next three cultures bring me back to Asia. I am looking at the Māori, Shaolin and Sikhs. I’m also brainstorming about doing an extra series for a month or two this summer on popular fictional or legendary weapons. I’m not sure I’ll still do that because I’m also working on getting two books published this summer around the same time. My plate is overflowing with things to get done. Take heart, I love writing these posts about weapons and cultures and I will return next week with the first installment of the Māori warriors.

I’m also looking into doing a two month series on Native American’s weapons and cultures. Believe it or not, a lot of the Native American tribes are not all the same in culture, or warfare. Some are just more famous than others. I’m really excited about working that series since I have Cherokee blood and I’ve never really done a lot of digging around about my own ancestors.

I love that a lot of the tactics and weapons the Native Americans used were adopted to create the base training for US Military, even today. This series will kick off the week following the completion of the Māori, Shaolin and Sikhs sometime later this summer.

If there are any fictional, legendary or historical weapons that you would love to see a post on for my summer special series, please let me know. It doesn’t matter how fictional or ridiculous it is. I prefer nothing hi-tech, since that would deviate from my normal ancient style weapons. Magical weapons are acceptable. In fact I have three magic weapons in my plans and one is quite famous.

Thanks for reading and check out any past Weapons Weekly Posts you may have missed on the Weapons Weekly Page.


  1. No weapons weekly? WTF? Kidding.

    Thanks T.L. these I don't always get to comment, but I love getting to check out these posts each week, so in honor of wanting to keep that enjoyment coming, I'll won't get too worked up over a little break. :)

    I need to do some brainstorming on fictional weapons I'd like to see. There are so many, now the cogs are turning though!

    1. Lol, thanks Matt. Can't wait to see what you come up with. I've got a good list, some well known and some not so popular, but worth mentioning.

  2. I can't wait for the Maori post! Love that culture. I have a couple of Maori characters in my second book. Though these characters don't use weapons, I did include some cultural stuff like the beautiful hongi greeting (noses and foreheads pressed together). Though, when an Aer Elemental greets you with a hongi, it can be almost as deadly as a weapon. HAHAHA!

    You're gonna talk about the Haka, right??? I saw one performed in New Zealand, and dude, it is scary up close. LOVED IT!

    1. Of course. The Haka is a great topic on the Māori culture. I'll probably talk about their diet in the same post. It also makes sense that your characters wouldn't use any of their old weapons. As far as I know, the modern Māori have embraced technology. In fact I'm guessing, aside from the Haka and the tattoos, they are nothing like the version of Māori that sailors were frightened of.

    2. PS: After finishing out the posts on the Māori, I realized they are still very much like they always have been. They hold to their traditions pretty well as well as embrace modernism.