Dec 31, 2011

The Year of the Water Dragon!

2012 is marked the year of the Water Dragon according to the Chinese Zodiac calendar. Are you ready for it? I know I am. This is the year for the free spirits to prosper and shine. The dragon is wise and a sign of good luck so 2012 should be a great year to take a chance and do something to improve your life. Whatever that may be, whether it’s starting a new business or career, or taking that vacation you’ve always wanted, this will be the year to do it. The New Year begins on January 23rd and ends on February 9th in 2013. That is how awesome the Year of the Dragon it, it’s almost 13 months!

Funny thing for me is, before I even realized this was the Year of the Dragon I had already set into motion the process to start a new publishing company to assist technologically challenged Indie writers get published and publish myself through the same company. I also have a vacation planned this summer in which I will leave the USA for the first time in my life.

More than a few of you are already thinking about the Mayan Doomsday event at the end of 2012, but I have good news for you. It’s not an accident it falls on the year of the Water Dragon. The water dragons are not like the other dragons, like me, a hot headed fire dragon. I’m my own worst enemy with all the wisdom and ingenuity of a dragon; I tend to burn myself out quickly with my overzealous ambitions. But I wouldn’t be a dragon if I didn’t dream big, and I do mean big as in huge. I don’t see a point in little dreams; those are just the goals and stepping stones to the bigger more important dreams of success. Ok, once again I’m getting off topic.

The water dragon is different and thus this year should be more focused on how the water dragons are, which is calm, collected and strategic. This is good news for environmentalists and such. Unlike the Western Dragon myths, gold has little value to the dragon other than being a means to an end. That doesn’t mean dragons don’t care about money, dragons never stay poor. I’m proof of that. I was actually homeless a couple times, and every time I pulled myself back into the working world within a matter of months, and no matter how bad the economy has been, I’m stable enough that poverty is not really ever something I fear returning to. To a dragon, failure is only a setback to the ultimate goal, and we always achieve our goals. Dragons are the game changers, they think in a way that is different and find ways to survive and get through obstacles that the other animals struggle with.

So to wrap up my point here, the world as we know it might end on December 21, 2012, but that is because it will be remade anew by the dragons and made to be a better place. Keep your heads up people; the dragons are coming to save the world! Or in my case, entertain you and help you to forget about the state of the world.

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