Nov 10, 2011

Writer Ramblings: Drums of War, er Gaming

“The sounds of the drums echo through my head on the waves of memories as I dream of war. I hear the battle cries around me and the roars of dragons as they fill the skies and rain their fire down on everything beneath them. We mount our wyvern, drakes and brooms and fly up to face the monstrosities that threaten the world. Fearless and proud, our nations unite under one banner. Thousands will perish, but nobody is worried about that, we all return with another life to rise up and battle again. The endless sky of leathery wings must be defeated or all will be lost. And when we are done with the invaders, we will return our attention to the weak Alliance who hate our Horde.”

I wrote this once while playing a game that I love very much. Since I’ve began writing in all of my spare time, I’ve deactivated my account and moved on, but recently I saw a trailer for an upcoming expansion to the game and I’ve began dreaming about it all over again. I played it for years and I even managed a couple of guilds. My favorite till this day was called Red Steel, and believe it or not, it had nothing to do with Russian tanks. The name came from a classic D&D module for a location on the world of Mystara which had a unique resource that was like a fine red dust, but if processed, it could be made as hard as steel and could take on magical properties.

Since I’ve finished writing the manuscript and I’m working on the next, I’ve noticed that I spend more time playing around than when I was trying to master the art of writing and reading books on how to write like a pro and how to self publish. I’m thinking of returning to that old game and jumping back into the fantasy world, but on a very limited basis. I’m still going to focus on writing, family and my day job first. I have no intention of abandoning this blog or Twitter, Facebook or Goodreads, but why shouldn’t I go back and play a couple nights a week? I can’t think of a reason not to. I’ll burn out if I keep up the pace I’ve been on since last May. I’m at a loss. Reward myself with a couple nights of gaming? Or just keep my head in the writing world until I’ve reached my goals, which could still take three to five years.

Maybe I’m just being too hard on myself. Everyone needs a break once in a while right? Some time to regroup and try again. This lull couldn’t have come at a worse time, because I’ve been writing daily for the Nanowrimo. Not as much as I need to complete it. Maybe if I come up for air, I could make better use of my time when I do write. What do you think?

I wonder how many of you didn't know I was a world of warcraft addict?

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