Oct 8, 2011

Wrtier Ramblings: Nanawrimo!

Believe it or not, that title is not a typo.

I’ve gone and done it! I signed up for the Nanawrimo for 2011. I have no idea really what that all is other than a writing marathon, but I figure it’s a great excuse to knock out the first half of another book. Since I can’t start the writing for it till November, that rules out the horror I was going to work on, I’m still in research phase for the Back to the Future Terminator crossover fan fiction I’m planning and I’m already 12,000 words into the fantasy. So I don’t feel comfortable writing any of those for my Nanowrimo.

Lucky for me, I already have an outline set up for another project. I’ll be done with my polishing on Devil Dog pretty soon and it will be sent out to editors and beta readers this month. I’m very excited and nervous at the same time. My baby is growing up already.

So the big question is what am I going to write if I’m already going to be pretty deep into the co-written horror, the fantasy is already started and Devil Dog will be in the hands of strangers? The only real solution is Devil Dog 2! Why not, the outline is written and I have concepts and plots designed for a full seven book series. I might as well start getting the sequel drafted.

50,000 words in a month! I am very excited to attempt this and somehow my wife is ok with it. So here I come. Bring it on November because I will write you down.

I wonder how many of you have no idea what Nanowrimo is. It’s a writing marathon that takes place in November. Both amateur and professional writers join in to race to 50,000 words by the end of the month. That’s all I have figured out so far. Soon as I finish my polishing edits for Devil Dog and get it sent off, I’ll run over the outline for the sequel before knocking out Imaginations.

As soon as I sent Devil Dog out, you’ll see the meters on the left side of the blog shift and a new one titles Devil Dog 2 will appear that I will begin updating on November 1st. I can’t wait, I don’t know what is more exciting, Devil Dog getting closer to publication or slamming down 50,000 to the sequel before Devil Dog is published.

I am going to know how this feels by the end of it.
 Let me know if you are doing it too!


  1. I'm planning to write the final book in my UF trilogy for Nano this year. Last year was my first time and I actually hit 50K words. Didn't finish the entire book, but got the word count. Woo hoo!

    My username is Kendall_Grey. Find and friend me, okay?!

  2. Awesome, I'll be looking for you as soon as I figure out why I can't log in suddenly.