The Immortal Cleansing

The chronicles of a few adventurers set out to prove themselves and accidentally changing the world forever.

These adventures are based on the events of a tabletop adventure I play with friends. We use the 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons rules with the Mystara setting, which I updated and modified to 5th edition and for my preferences.
All of these stories were created with a combined effort of my storytelling and the ideas and guidance of the people who created these characters. The Back Story is primarily my creation designed for my player's characters to know their journey to the point of meeting each other.

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Back Story
Chapter 1  - The Twilight of Navi
Chapter 2  - The War Mage
Chapter 3  - The Jaws of the Wolf

Chapter 4  - Dragons and Dwarves (currently writing)
Chapter 5  - The Master of Biazzon (outlined)
Chapter 6  - An Unlikely Duo (outlined)
Chapter 7  - The Last of His Brothers (outlined)
Chapter 8  - Déjà vu (outlined)
Chapter 9 - Till Death Do us Part (outlined)
Chapter 10- New Beginnings (outlined)
Chapter 11- Lost (outlined)
Chapter 12- Who Rescued Who (outlined)
Chapter 13- Pilgrimages and Witches (outlined)
Chapter 14- The Journey Begins (outlined)

Part 2 - The Keep on the Borderlands
Chapter 1  - The Welcoming Party (played)
Chapter 2  - A Game of Cat and Mouse (played)
Chapter 3  - The Well Hideout (played)
Chapter 4  - Dragontooth Hill (played)
Chapter 5  - The Race to Ronnik (played)
Chapter 6  - Unlikely Alliances (next session)

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